Jelly is the brainchild of Paula Jensen. Created to promote her musical, Pound of Cure, it is set in an inner city shelter and about saving people and animals. Because dogs are the focus of the show, many animal related organizations and rescue groups have been approached. No one has yet to grasp the big picture. However, Jelly, who was invented as a PR vehicle, now has a following. Jelly was patterned after Paula's real dog, a stray adopted from a shelter.

Since 2004, Jelly spreads the word at any event promoting animals. Whether it is 15 or 95 degrees,
Jelly's goal is to remind people how much an animal can positively affect your life. And, despite Paula being in dire financial straits, Jelly always attends free of charge. Contact us at, or call 908 797-1909.
Long a staunch supporter of The Humane Society's annual Spay Day, Jelly was invited by the national office of the HSUS to perform a song from the musical at their annual Walk for Animals in Washington, DC, September, 2007; Jelly then led the mile long parade right next to Wayne Pacelle, the HSUS CEO and Tamar Geller, Oprah Winfred's dog trainer. 

Jelly has also appeared in NYC for Broadway Barks, the American Cancer Society, the North Shore Animal League Bidawee, and many other rescue groups. For many years, Jelly has been a regular at the annual Susan G. Komen benefit sponsored by Loreal in Cranbury, NJ (Your Dog is Worth it Too, Day) as well as Howl 'N Hike for Noah's Ark in Ledgewood, NJ, plus all the events that the Jersey Animal Coalition in West Orange holds. 


Jelly now has a music video about neutering and responsible pet ownership! Click on to view:


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